In recent times, online shopping has become the order of day; you can get most anything online including the frames for eyeglass prescriptions!

So with shopping made easy, why would a patient who has just received eye care want to shop in their doctor’s office for their frames?

In-Office Purchase

Here are some benefits of in-office frame purchase

  1. Your style, your perfect fit: when you opt for online shopping for your glasses, you lose the opportunity to work with a trained optician who can help with finding the best style and fit that suits just you. Keep in mind that proper vision through your eyeglasses is a function of a properly fitting pair of frames and the optician is in the right position to help you find your perfect fit.
  2. Optimal frame quality: Most frames sold online are just not same quality as those you can obtain at the doctor’s and may not stand the test of time; and because you don’t even see what you purchase until they get to your doorstep, you make payments for things not worth the spend.
  3. Continued service after purchase: Some experiences peculiar to frames after some time of wear like the need for deep cleaning, loosened screws, repairs, fit adjustments and others, cannot be attended to after making an online purchase of frames; these special services are afforded in an eye clinic like ours, where an eagerly waiting staff will be ready to satisfy these needs.
  4. Bargaining opportunity:  This affords you the opportunity to bargain prices and get frames at possibly cheaper rates than you would online.
  5. Variety of choices with first hand trial: you definitely cannot try frames on via online purchase to know which is the best fit for you. At the doctor’s, you can try as many frames as you wish to get the best that suits you! Sounds fun!

Do not let the fear of spending more time at the doctor’s keep you from having better vision experience with your eye glasses; it may take long, but it ensures you receive personalized styling and care from a team of supportive doctors and staff.

We at De-Lens Ophthalmics are always at your service.

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