Five Myths About Vision Unravelled

Many things may have been said to you about your eyes. But, how true are these? Here are 5 facts about these possible myths you may have heard.

Myth 1: Wearing glasses will cure poor vision

Eyeglasses prescribed by your eye doctor to correct errors of vision including shortsightedness or long-sightedness will help improve your eye sight and make you see clearly.

But these lenses will not correct the actual disorder. The spectacle lenses are simply optical aids worn to improve eyesight only while being worn.

Myth 2: Children are too young to wear eyeglasses

A child’s performance within and outside the school can be greatly influenced by undetected eye/vision problems. Because the child’s vision is still developing during the early years of life and vision plays a huge role in a child’s learning, glasses, when indicated for certain visual disorders, may be necessary to help normal visual development.

Wearing glasses from an early age need not be an issue, what is important is the benefit derived from wearing the glasses which include good vision, brain, and body development.

Myth 3: Cataract must be “ripe” or “mature” before it can be removed

Because cataracts can greatly interfere with daily activities, there is really no need to wait for a cataract to “ripen” or mature completely before taking it out.

Once there is a change in vision causing difficulty with performing tasks or affecting activities of daily living; that is the right time to take it out.

Myth 4: Eyes can be transplanted

There is no clinically acceptable technique for full eye transplantation. However, certain tissues of the eye, like the cornea (the transparent tissue that covers the black portion of the eye) can be transplanted.

Myth 5: Wearing glasses will make your eyes smaller

The eyes may appear to change in size when viewed through spectacle lenses due to the bending of light rays as they pass through. High convex lenses may cause the eyes to appear slightly bigger and high concave lenses may cause the opposite effect, but they will not shrink the eye. Once the glasses are taken off, the eyes appear as they are normally.

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