How to wear contact lenses

Regular eye exam is an essential part to healthy contact lens wear. The most important way we as Optometrists can help you is through this eye exam, with its professional sight assessment.

Problems previously associated with contact lenses have been virtually eliminated by advances in contact lens technology. Nevertheless, it is still very important you follow the procedure given to you by your optometrist when wearing and caring for your contact lenses, some simple do’s and don’ts include:


  • Always adhere to the wearing schedule recommended by your Optometrist
  • Before handling your lenses wash and rinse your hands thoroughly
  • Ensure you use fresh solution always
  • When lenses are damaged or dried out, you are advised to replace it immediately
  • Replace your lens case at least every 3 months
  • Handle daily disposable lenses as little as possible
  • Before inserting monthly disposable lenses, it is advised that you rob and rinse it
  • Remember to attend for contact lens checkups as recommended by your Contact Lens Optometrist


  • Use tap water on your lenses
  • Sleep in your lenses unless advised by your Optometrist
  • Overlook eye irritation
  • Re-use solutions

Please always contact your Optometrist if:

  • Your vision reduces in one or both of your eyes
  • Your eyes become irritable and/or red
  • You have any concern at all regarding your contact lenses


Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • A wider field of vision.
  • They are safer for sports.
  • They don’t steam up or get splattered in the rain.
  • More natural distortion free vision.


Why fit your contact lens with us

We source our lenses from most of the suppliers and therefore for each person we choose the best suitable contact lens from all available sources. Because of this and our experience, many people who have previously tried lenses elsewhere without success, have been successfully refitted by us.

All our fittings and check ups are done by Optometrists, who have the required qualification in this area than other eyecare practitioners. Some of our Optometrists work within Hospital Eye Departments and as such are very experienced in all aspects of fitting


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