Measure Your Child’s Intelligence With This Simple Trick

In 10 Minutes You Can Use This Simple Trick To Measure Your Child’s Intelligence

People say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But can they reveal something about how intelligent we are?

The Georgia Institute of Technology carried out research in 2016 that showed that there is a relationship between pupil size and a child’s intelligence.

Here’s a little trick you can use to measure your child’s intelligence through the eyes…

  1. Take your kid to a room that has enough light, but not too bright.
  2. Keep him/her as calm as possible. If possible, tell him/her not to think about anything in particular.
  3. Draw a small white cross on a black paper background, and place it about 70cm from your child’s face.
  4. Now measure your child’s pupils – carefully! – using a really clear ruler. The diameter of each should be somewhere between 4mm and 8mm.
  5. If your child’s pupil size is below 6mm, your child is of average intelligence. But if his/her pupil size is above 6mm, then your child has high fluid intelligence.

Keep in mind that measuring the size of a pupil with a ruler is really tricky. So do not worry about being absolutely correct.

To be fair…

This experiment is speculative and cannot show you exactly how intelligent or not your child is.

But here’s a real fact… Poor eyesight can lead to poor academic performance.

About 80% of what your child learns comes through their eyes. But performing well in school is more than just the ability to see the board or recite a few poems.

Research has shown that 70% of children who perform poorly in school have vision problems. These problems could be the ocular motor, Strabismus (AKA cross-eye or half-past four eyes), perceptual dysfunction, and more.

And as your child’s academic responsibilities increase, it places more demand on his/her vision. They will begin to struggle with staying focused in class and may finally dislike school altogether.

A survey carried out by the Vision Council of America indicated that 94% of parents do not know that their child’s poor academic performance could be due to poor vision.

These parents usually resort to beating or shaming their children.
Beating or shaming your child will not solve the problem. Most times children cannot express why they have difficulty learning at school. Another problem is that not every vision problem can be solved with a pair of glasses or eye surgery.

Vision problems that cause bad academic performance are usually caused by the brain’s inability to work with the eyes. This sort of problems can only be resolved by training the brain to work well with the eyes. Here are 10 signs that show that your child has a vision problem.

Most children who are labelled as dull or slow learner exhibit 2 or more of these signs:

  1. Squinting, closing or covering one eye.
  2. Holding a book close to the face.
  3. Losing his/her place while reading.
  4. Headache, nausea or dizziness.
  5. Excessive clumsiness (awkwardness).
  6. Tilting the head to one side.
  7. Frequent daydreaming.
  8. Using a finger as a placemark while reading.
  9. Performing below potential.
  10. Rubbing eyes repeatedly.
  11. Significantly slow reaction to moving objects.

If you observe any two or more of these signs in your child, they need medical attention immediately. Because as time progresses the underlying problem will grow worse and academic performance may be the least of your problems.

There are a lot of cases of children losing vision in one or both eyes as a result of negligence or ignorance of parents. Your child may well be on the way to having severe vision problems such as total blindness and you do not know it. You may say, ‘God forbid!’

But a lot of parents before you have said the same thing. In the end, they had their children pulled out of school permanently due to unchecked vision problems. Then they spend years (and money) fighting to save their child from losing one or both eyes.

If your child has been labelled a slow learner and is struggling academically, you may need to have an eye specialist examine their eyes for vision problems. But why go to just any eye doctor when you can come to us @delensophthalmics?

We have an effective treatment procedure that can save your child’s vision and improve his/her academic performance without surgery or expensive drugs. This treatment will enable your child to read faster and better. Their school grades will dramatically improve and you will not feel like you are wasting your money on school fees.

They will enjoy school more and be happier and more confident and do better in sports. Unlike eye surgeries which are really expensive and risky, this treatment is affordable, completely risk-free and safe (zero side effects).
The results of this therapy are permanent and will remain with your child for life. You will save money on buying expensive prescription glasses that do not solve the problem.

Bottom line – no need for glasses or contact lenses, forever! The procedure is also fun. Most children fall in love with the treatment after two sessions as it involves activities like ball tossing and drawing.

This treatment is 100% guaranteed to correct vision impairment such as Strabismus (cross-eye or half-past four eyes), Amblyopia (lazy eye), Convergence insufficiency, Diplopia (double vision), Vision problems caused by autism, And many more.

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