Do you have blur distant vision? Do you have myopia? Does your child have progressive myopia? Do you want clear vision without having to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day? Do you want an
alternative to laser surgery? Then you will benefit from ORTHOKERATOLOGY.

At De Lens Ophthalmics Family Eye and Vision Care Centre, we are the first eye care facility in West Africa to offer the Eyespace Orthokeratology lens technology!
What is orthokeratology?
Orthokeratology is the procedure of gently reshaping the cornea (the transparent tissue covering the colored part of the eye) while you sleep using custom designed gas permeable lenses! This results in clear vision and correction of refractive error without the need for spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery to achieve clear vision during waking hours.
How does orthokeratology work?
Orthokeratology lenses redistribute fluid and cells in the first layer of the cornea and gently reshapes it to correct the error in the eye as the wearer sleeps with the lenses each night.

The procedure is non-surgical and reversible and can correct myopia (short-sightedness) up to -6.00D, hyperopia up to +4.00D and astigmatism of up to -1.75D. Orthokeratology has also been shown to be
successful in higher powers depending on the specific case and characteristics of the cornea.
Who is a good candidate for orthokeratology treatment?
Current or previous contact lens wearers are ideal candidates as they are used to contact lens wear and easily get accustomed to the process.
For those who suffer dry eyes and find it difficult to wear contact lenses during the day, orthokeratology is a great option for you. These lenses offer the advantage of providing clear vision during waking hours allowing proper blinking and comfort of the natural eye.

Orthokeratology and myopia control
For children and young adults with fast progressing myopia, orthokeratology slows down or halts the progression of myopia. This has been proven by several randomized clinical trials around the world.
Are orthokeratology lenses safe?
Research shows that orthokeratology lenses are safe in children and adults alike. These lenses are dispensed with strict instructions on lens care regimen and follow up visits are scheduled regularly to ensure the health of the eye is maintained at all times. Orthokeratology lenses are suitable from the age of 6 years upwards.
When can you expect to see improvement in vision after commencing orthokeratology?

You can expect to see improvement in vision from the 1st day to 1 week after commencement; with continuous use of the lenses, the full effect is established within the 2 nd to 4th week and is maintained as long as the lenses are slept with each night.

Book an appointment with our certified Orthokeratologist today to begin this beautiful experience!

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