Eye safety for a Merry holiday!!

Holidays are here again. A beautiful time to reunite with family and share love. While at it, it’s important to keep to some safety health rules and keep emergencies away from you and yours during this season of joy.

Below is a list of eye care safety rules we advise you to adhere to during these festive periods:

Happy Holiday!!
  1. While Decorating Your Christmas Tree, use protective eyewear especially when untying the tree because, long branches can unexpectedly shoot out and scratch your eyes severely. Keep children away before untying a fresh tree. To further reduce possibility of eye injuries, it will help if you trim the edges of the Christmas tree.
  2. While Making Decisions on What Toys to Get for Your Kids, consider toys without sharp edges, and if possible avoid BB guns, paintball guns, slingshots etc., which can pose dire danger to the eye health of your kids.
  3. While popping champagne, hold the cork down when removing the wire wrapped around it. You can also prevent the champagne from spraying or the cork from flying by using a towel and pointing it away from yourself and others. When you are then ready, hold the bottle at say 45-degree angle and gently pull the cork out.
  4. While planning to travel, also consider giving your eyes enough sleep prior to the day of travel, especially if you have to drive through a long journey.
  5. If you must observe fireworks, attend only professional firework displays rather than being a bystander while random fireworks are being shot to keep you and yours safe while enjoying the displays.
  6. If you wear contact lenses, remember not to swim, bathe or sleep in them. Keep them clean always (including their cases). Avoid extended wear to prevent infections and dryness.
  7. If you must makeup, remember to take off your makeup carefully before going to bed at night. Also avoid sharing your makeup tools with anyone.
  8. And if your eyes just don’t feel right, be sure to check in with a qualified optometrist immediately to get proper eye examination and care.

Our awesome team at De-Lens Ophthalmics is always at your service, even during these holidays!

Stay safe!!

Season’s  Greetings!!

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