Your Child’s Eye Health Is Important To Us

Vision is the process of deriving meaning from what is seen. In other words, it is the ability to perceive, understand, interact or interpret what we come across or see in our environment. A child’s vision provides an important source of information about the world around them.

Healthy vision is critical for every child’s social development, school success, and well-being.

80% of a child’s learning is through his/her eyes.

*Children rarely complain about vision problems. Often, a child believes everyone sees the world the way he/she does. That is because children’s vision problems are often silent, without any signs.

*Vision problems are one of the most common disabling conditions in childhood. About one in 20 preschoolers and one in four school-age children have vision problems.

*Uncorrected vision problems in childhood affect health and wellbeing in adulthood and can lead to permanent vision loss.

*Uncorrected vision problems are linked with lower early literacy performance and pre-reading skills in preschool and kindergarten

Children’s Eyes need sunblock too

Children are especially vulnerable to damaging UV rays because they typically spend longer amounts of time outdoors. If your child already wears eyeglasses, we offer free testing to determine if they’re getting enough UV protection. If they are not, you should add UV-blocking lenses to their glasses.

If your doctor determines your child needs eyeglasses, we have a wide selection of glasses and frames designed specifically for kids and their active lifestyles, including protective eyewear:

1. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, impact- and scratch-resistant lenses perfectly suited for active kids (and active adults too).
2. Polycarbonate safety glasses offer superior comfort and UV protection for children. 
3. No lenses are 100% shatterproof or unbreakable.

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